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Part Passion, Part Science

Lots Of Imagination!

The story of Amadora is part passion, part science and a whole lot of imagination. If there is anything Indians love more than food, it’s that “something sweet” to follow their meal! It was a no brainer for Deepak Suresh, Amadora’s founder, that ice cream would be the answer for his hot and humid hometown, Chennai.

On this journey Deepak is joined by a dedicated team with no culinary experience, but a whole lot of love and pride for making ice cream.

Every Dream Needs a Dreamer

Deepak’s deep love for ice cream, and dream of making ice cream in India that is just as good as what you’ll eat anywhere in the world if not better, led to setting up Amadora in March of 2012.

An engineer by profession, he has tried to implement a lot of the process driven principles of engineering into the making of ice cream at Amadora.

Deepak is more attached to every single scoop than he’d like admit, and until he realizes his retirement dream of settling down in San Sebastian, he’s busy living out this delicious dream.

The Taste

We at Amadora try to live up to our mantra of “EAT LOCAL. EAT FRESH.” We have the privilege of sourcing our ingredients from across India, a country of diverse cuisines and a favourite travel destination for foodies from around the world. For instance, our fresh fruits are sourced from local vendors, peanut butter from Kottayam, and vanilla from Pollachi.

We do this because they are simply the best, and we have never had the need to look any further.

We also love to spoil our customers with choice, delivering a new set of flavours every time they visit. We believe you are only limited by your imagination and have created over 255 flavours in the last three years.