Some of our favourite flavours.

Five Bean Vanilla

 This rich Vanilla ice cream is made with Goodness Vanilla sourced from Pollachi in the state of Tamil Nadu. The ice cream has a sweet aroma with a smoky and woody Vanilla flavor.


Trifle Pudding

 Inspired by the famous English dessert that is so popular in India. This is made with soaking sponge cake bits in sweet strawberry jam. This is folded in our Sweet cream ice cream.



Made with one of the finest Belgian medium Dark Chocolate, Callebaut 54.5%. This gives a smooth and well-balanced chocolate flavor with a subtle vanilla note.

Mamis Filter Coffee

Our hometown of Chennai is famous for its filter coffee or drip brew coffee. This decoction is made with a combination of Robusta & Arabica beans. This flavor does justice to one of the cultural icons of our Chennai.

Caramelized White Chocolate

Made by one of the finest Belgian White Chocolate, Callebaut W2. The chocolate is heated until its deep golden brown and caramelized. This gives a deep caramel flavor with milky and creamy notes of white chocolate.


Dark Chocolate Sorbet

This is a very rich sorbet made with bittersweet chocolate and Callebaut Cocoa Powder. The top-quality cocoa powder gives it a deep chocolate flavor and is difficult to believe that this is a sorbet and not an ice cream.


Salted Butter Caramel

Inspired by the salted butter caramels of Brittany, France. Made by melting butter and sugar with sea salt to create a rich buttery ,salty caramel flavor.