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We had the great fortune of travelling to the state of Punjab and visiting Amritsar & Bathinda. A region of the country so far ahead in terms of its warmth and hospitality , we got to savour some of its culinary delights over the four days we spent travelling the state. The Punjabis are very proud people and blush with pride when talking about the food of their region. Guests are filled with food at all times of the day. Punjab has five tributaries of the Indus that run through her land. This makes her soil very fertile and her produce, poultry and dairy of a very high quality.From smoky tandoori chicken, white butter smeared on parantha and roti, thick dahi based chaats, hot kachoris, ridiculously rich lassi, cups of masala chai and a 100 smiles welcoming us everywhere, its a part of the country we can't wait to visit again.

The standard breakfast accompaniments at a highway dabha. Pickled vegetables, thick creamy yoghurt and lots of Amul butter!

Butter chicken from Surjit Makhan Singh. Incredible smokiness and falls of the bone.The famous white butter of the Punjab!

When bread and butter at breakfast hits the spot.

The incredible veg hot dog from Bathinda. Deep fried potato patty, in a bun thats grilled with butter and smeared with spicy mint chutney, tamarind chutney and topped with crunchy green pepper. We ate almost 3 each!

The ridiculously crispy poori and sweet aloo thats available all over . Its a breakfast staple.

The incredible milk, yoghurt and buttermilk of the Punjab used with a heavy hand in chaats and incredibly thick lassi drinks.

The famed carrot halwa or gajarpak is at its best during the winter months when the carrots in Punjab are sweeter. The best we have had bar none is this one from RJH sweets in Jagraon. Incredible.